How to capture loadtime and domloadtime

Hi All,
I am using packetbeat for end user experience monitoring for our CRM tool by installing it on end user's desktop.
We have configured packetbeat to capture only http traffic on port 8080 and we are able to get response time, in/out bytes etc which are standard fields related to http.
We are looking at the possibility to capture Measurement fields loadtime and domloadtime as documented on Elastic website.
Can some one please advise on how to capture these two fields.

  • We are using Elastic stack v5.6

  • Packet beat is sending data directly to Elastic Search

  • Packetbeat templates and dashboards are loaded into elasticsearch

    # Configure the ports where to listen for HTTP traffic. You can disable
    # the HTTP protocol by commenting out the list of ports.
    ports: [8080]
    send_request: true
    send_response: true
    include_body_for: ["application/x-www-form-urlencoded","text/html"]

Karan Shah

AFAIK there is no module that actually reports these measurements. I think they were originally added to the schema to help establish some common fields that all protocol plugins could use. But they were never used anywhere.

Hi Karan!

You can use the newly released Elastic APM to get real user monitoring, please see (RUM is currenly alpha).

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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