How to change a metric?

Hi everyone ,

I wana change the STD metric (Standard Deviation) by changing the normalization parameter from "unbiased" ( which is the default value) to "biased"....
So can someone tell me where is the file which contain the function'declaration?
Please Help

Hi Ben,

could you maybe provide a link to the "unbiased"/"biased" parameter you are talking about? I cannot seem to find anything like that in the documentation.

Could you also tell us about which kind of chart you are talking - classical charts, Visual Builder or Timelion, since they might have different approaches to that?


Hi Sir,
First thank you for the quick answer.
Here is a link that describe the STD function using Biased and Unbiased normalization.

Well i need to modify the standard Deviation (STD) in the DATA visualisations (metric).


this is a parameter in Math.js, which was only shortly used in Visual Builder. The "Metric" visualization doesn't use it at all, so you don't have access too.

The Standard deviation you might find in Metric visualizations (depending on your Kibana version), is the actual Extended Stats Aggregation in Elasticsearch. It doesn't have such a parameter or configuration option, sorry.


Thank you for your answer .
I use the kibana 5.4.0 version, so i can use also the Visual Builder(Metric Or TopN) instead of "Metric" visuatlisation.
Well , did you have any idea how to change this parameter in Visual Builder?


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