How to change background of login page in kibana 7.6.0?

Hi, Please i want to remove imgs in login page of kibana 7.6.0
and i want to add my own img in backgroud , how can i do that please?

This isn't a feature that we officially support- your best option is to search through the forums for other users who have succeeded at this. We are tracking requests for this feature here:

Hi @Emna1,
you can try this:

// Change background image in the login page.
.loginWelcome::before {
content: 'your image' !important;
.loginWelcome::after {
content: 'your image' !important;

Thank you very much @chbas for your valuable reply!! :slight_smile: I am wondering in which file we have to add the code you mentioned above.

Hi @marrel, these are css rules, so as long as you are using !important;, it doesn't really matter where to insert them.

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