How to change dynamically the index name in "saveJsonToES"?

Hello Folks,

I am trying to insert logs that I extract from a kafka server in order to insert in ElasticSearc 5.0.0 with Spark Streaming 2.0.0 .

Here is my code. My big problem is with line "saveJsonToES", in fact, this function has a string argument for specifying the index name. However, my index name is a JavaDStream. I did like this in oder to generate dynamic index names in another class.

JavaDStream<List<String>> newLines = -> {    

    String lineToInsertInES = "";
    String indexName = "";
    List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();

    //some code to determine strings to add in my list

    return list;

JavaDStream<String> lineToInsertInES = -> list.get(0));
JavaDStream<String> indexName = -> list.get(1));


        JavaEsSpark.saveJsonToEs(line,indexName); //problem at this line

Can you telle how I can solve this ?

Thank you in advance


Sounds more like a Spark than an Elasticsearch question to me. What prevents you from converting the JavaDStream to a regular String before passing it as an argument?

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