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I want to be able to track the user who send the _bulk request for indexing some data so I am trying to use X-Opaque-Id in bulk requests to be displayed in *_index_indexing_slowlog.json but I always get a different Id ( I think ID of created document ).

Do I use the right approach for it ?
if no is there another way ?


Hi @Ghouneim,

Welcome to the community! Having a look at the documentation it looks like triggering queries using the X-Opaque-Id header is the way to track the user.

Are you looking to use this feature in the search or indexing slowlog? I've come across a GitHub issue that says this is available in the query but not indexing slowlog, which might be your problem looking at the index name.

Hi @carly.richmond
Yes I am looking to use in indexing_slowlog, but it seems it will not be supported. right ?

It doesn't look to be from what I can see. If it's something you need I would recommend raising a GitHub feature request to discuss further, or even contribute the change back.

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