How to change kibana.yml in elastic cloud

We are using Elastic Cloud to host our elastic solution. We have some issues with generating reports and need to increase the xpack.reporting.queue.timeout in the kibana.yml file. But where do you find the kibana.yml file in Elastic Cloud? Or how can you change configs for kibana?

Hey @Karolinebryn,

We are now working on a new user console for Elastic Cloud, that will be available shortly, and will allow you to edit the kibana.yaml from the user interface. This will support most of the available settings including the xpack.reporting.queue.timeout (this configuration specifically will be supported for 5.x+ clusters).
For now can you please open a ticket with our and we will try to assist in setting this configuration.
Please don't forgot to include your cluster ID :slight_smile:

Ok, we are using 6.x so I hope this will be available for this version soon too :slight_smile:

Yep, the + was meant to say 5.x and above, sorry if that wasn't clear.

I did not notice the + :zipper_mouth_face: but that sounds great!

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