How to change moment.js in Kibana?

I would like to change language for Duration in readable format.

I have scripted fields. The scripted fields calculate duration. When i show the duration to clients, appear the label to screen 10 hours ago, 15 hours ago etc.
When i look the source code of kibana, i saw that the kibana use moment.js for calculation duration.
I would like to change 10 hours ago label to another language.
Moment.js support a lot of languages.
Is it possible to change moment.js file for kibana and how?

If you have another solutions for this issue, you may explain it.


Hi @eniserkaya,

Have you tried going to "Stack Management" -> "Advanced Settings" and changing the locale under "Formatting locale"?


Unfourtunately, it is just about to number format.
For example, if the format is en, the number shows 4.1
if the format is TR, the number shows 4,2.
There is no affact to duration label.

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