How to change only one component?

I want to change kibana/src/ui/public/doc_table/ component, add some styles and few functions. I changed the code and restarted Kibi but nothing happened. I tried to run npm run build, its finish with error on "_build:shasums" task but still nothing happened and also its take a lot of time to compile, is it possible to recompile only one component? Or how to dealt with it?

PS: Also I tried to add styles to that component via plugins but unsuccessfully.


if you are trying to build Kibi, I think you should address that question, to the SirenSolution support. I unfortunately don't know exactly what modifications they made to "Vanilla Kibana", that I could provide you a useful answer here - sorry :frowning:


I didn't found how to clear cache. Then I just remove content from /optimize folder and that make Kibi rebuild cache. Then my changes from doc_table component became to website.

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