How to change output

Hi All,

In our kibana visualization we are willing to make some changes, kindly help us in proceeding with this .

  • visualization contains two rows.
  • Row one "Institution ID" (Term-Destination.Keyword) | Row two "Decline count"
  • Institution ID will come from Logs.

> Goal:
> We have 300 Institutions , we would like to display Institution name in the place of institution ID. Kindly help me in this.


*Actual Display:
institution Decline
1737937 10
9874 55
983279847 903

*Required Display:
institution Decline
stacks 10
github 903

As long as your Institution Name is indexed as a keyword (like your Term-Destination.Keyword field is), then you should be able to just substitute one for the other. If not, then you will need to re-index your documents to turn the institution name into a keyword field.

Thank you.

Got solution at below link.

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