How to change single-node-cluster to 3 node cluster?


If I decide to start with a single node ES cluster (version 7.1.1) where I set discovery.type to single-node.
What is the path to go for migrate this cluster to a 3 node cluster? All data of the cluster needs to be kept.

Just change discovery.type, add discovery.seed_hosts which contains all 3 hosts and add cluster.initial_master_nodes which contains the nodes names?
Then (re-)starting all nodes and I am done?

Or is there more to do?

And how to change the number of replicas for existing indices?


yes, do that in all nodes

This is not quite true. You should set discovery.seed_hosts on every node, but you should not set cluster.initial_master_nodes on any of them. This is only used the first time the cluster starts, but that's already happened, so you shouldn't set it when growing a cluster.

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