How to change the loading logo and text

how to change the loading logo and text by no changing the source code, use hack.js instead?

Hi @whoami,

there is no official support for changing the logo at the moment. A hack plugin would be one way to go. Depending on the scope of your changes, just replacing some image files might also be enough. This has been described in Replace the kibana logo? and Change Kibana 4.2 logo and Replace the kibana logo?.

sorry, but I mean in kibana 5.x, and change the 'Loading' logo and 'Loading' Text with write some hack.js in one plugin instead of changing the source code of kibana

You probably won't be able to use a hack.js (hack style plugin) to modify the loader. The loader is very much on the "skin" of the html file. AKA it's written directly in the HTML and shows while the rest of the application is loading.

I've themed and modified the loader in my project but had to modify the kibana source code. I don't believe there is a different way to do this without modifying the code (easily).

Fortunately the change is pretty light weight so if you do the change there shouldn't be too many issues merging and keeping up with the changes in kibana.

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