Change Kibana 4.2 logo


Hi floks,
Is there a way to replace Kibana 2 logo ?
I tried to replace src/ui/public/images/kibana.png but with no success.
Any idea?

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(Mark Walkom) #2

I don't think we released a Kibana 2, did you mean something else?


Sorry I mean Kibana 4.2 (I updated tilte)...


Any idea?

(Mark Walkom) #5

No sorry, I thought it was only there that you needed to change.
If you have, try clearing your browser cache.


I cleaned my browser cache (Chrome and Iceweasel) but with no success.

I also restarted Kibana 4.2 but no effect.

When I open Kibana 4.2 home page source code I see that image seems to be embeded in the source code, and not simply linked (as in previous versions).

<li style="background: transparent url(".....") no-repeat scroll left center;" ng-if="chrome.getBrand('logo')" ng-style="{ 'background': chrome.getBrand('logo') }" aria-label="Kibana Logo" class="logo hidden-sm ng-scope"></li>

(Yogesh Chaudhari) #8

I tried out solution suggested by warkolm for Kibana 4.2, no success :pensive:
Please let me know if we find any solution to this.

@warkolm @tbragin @Rashid_Khan

(Marcin Kubica) #9

Being a total Node and JavaScript lamer myself, apologies for lame response either.

As I can see code is optimized and minified into single .js file so theoretically if you update the normal code it should get "precompiled" on next "boundle" event.

Try replace your logo and then install some plugin, for instance

./kibana plugin --install elastic/sense

And then just reload page and Kibana will "bundle" in your logo same way 4.1 did

Sorry not able to analyse the install code now to tell you how to execute it without plugin install :smiley:

(Yogesh Chaudhari) #10

@Marcin_Kubica Great! Thank you.. It worked. :grinning:

(Miguel Bessa) #11

Thank you Marcin_Kubica! It really works :smiley:


Thank you for this workaround.
Nevertheless I think a better solution must be find to avoid downloading an unnacessary module.
The best way should to develop a new feature and let the user choose a logo in Kibana settings UI.

(Marcin Kubica) #13

I guess so. Why not post a feature request in github?

(Shane Daniel) #14

I replaced the file, optimize/bundles/src/ui/public/images/kibana.svg, and had success without requiring anything additional.

(Jose Campos) #15

But it worked.

Thanks @Marcin_Kubica

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