Kibana 7.7 change top left logo

Hello people, is there any solution to replace the kibana logo ? I tried many solutions for kibana 7.X but it didn't work.
BTW : I'm using the extracted files to run ELK ( official source ).

Thank you !

There's no official way to white label Kibana.

If you wanted, you can maintain your own OSS fork of Kibana with your logo changed but keeping that up to date could be a significant investment.

Thank you for your quick return !
This came after the 7.7 update ? Because for other versions you only need to edit some css and js files not a whole fork.

Thank you again !

If you've done it in the past, it should be basically the same as it is with 7.7. I don't see anything meaningful that's changed in the header or the icon recently...

Thank you very much !

Paste your logo over

at bottom of file put bellow code

a[data-test-subj="logo"] * {
  display: none;
a[data-test-subj="logo"] {
  background: url('./logo.ico') no-repeat 0 0;
  background-size: auto 26px;
  border-bottom: none;
  background-position: 10px 10px;

Thats It !

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Thank you for your response, but it's the same way for Ubuntu ?

Actually, it works ! thank you very much

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