How to change the logo in Kibana 8.3.3

I am facing some issues during the logo customization in Kibana version 8.3.3. I don't know how to customize the logo in Kibana. So, I read some blogs and discussion related to this topic but all in vain. can any one helps me ?

I want to change the Kibana logo with some custom logo in Kibana 8.3.3 version at below positions:

1- Authentication Screen
2- Top Left side in the Header
3- Loading screen.

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Do search for similar discuss posts here: Custom Logo Kibana 7.10.0 (guide)

see if you can try this, let us know ur results


@Arsalan1 you'll be happy to hear that our ux team is actively working on making it easy to customize Kibana's logo! You can follow the progress in this issue: Easy way to customize Kibana logo and theme · Issue #17879 · elastic/kibana · GitHub.

In the meantime, maybe try the custom plugin option using the example: GitHub - lizozom/custom-kibana-logo: Customize the logos and welcome texts of Kibana

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