How to change the symbol separating decimals?

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I am currently using Logstash to consume data and insert it into Elasticsearch.
Unfortunately for me, I am living in a country that uses . (dots) to group numbers into thousands and uses , (comma) to separate decimal digits.
Consequently, any number that I work with looks something like this: 1.234,56
Instead of the expected: 1,234.56
I would also be able to provide my numbers as 1234,56 - but the issue of the symbol separating the decimals remains.

Is there any efficient way to tell Logstash that it should convert between these representations?
The only thing that I have come across is to read the numbers as a string and then do a string-replace to switch the symbols.
However, this solution seems unnecessarily slow and tedious.

Thank you for your help.

Use mutate+convert with float_eu type.

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Thank you for the info.
I seem to have consistently looked at the wrong sections of the documentation as I had so far missed this.
In case anyone stumbles across this question, the usage looks like this, where Field is the data field:
mutate { convert => {"Field" => "float_eu" }}

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