How to change the text color in kibana dashboard widgets?

How to change the text color in kibana dashboard widgets. In the below screenshot, there are three different lens widgets in the dashboard. I want to change the text color of Passed count to green and failed count to red. How can I do that in kibana dashboard? (note: I use kibana version 7.8.0)



Did you take a look at using the Metric visualization?

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Hi @mattkime

Thank you for your reply. Yes I checked that, but seems we should have a range to add colors there. My requirement is to add colors explicitly to a text in the kibana dashboard's widget. Is it possible? :slight_smile:

And also is it possible to set color to a particular field using a painless API?
as and example, In my index there is field called Status which has the values of PASSED and FAILED. Is it possible to set the colors to those values using a DSL script?

Here's a github issue requesting the feature you seek to use -

Its recommended to use range to add color.

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Hi @mattkime ,
Yeah I was trying out that! Thanks for your help though... :slight_smile:

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