How to change "timeout" value in Request payload of "_msearch" query?

Hi Team,

We use Elasticsearch 7.9.1 & Kibana 7.3.2 version in our product. While Kibana dashboard loading, there is a variable "timeout":"30000ms" in the "Request payload" of _msearch queries.
We tried to change this value by setting kibanacfg.elasticsearch.requestTimeout=60000 in kibana.yml configuration. But still the timeout value is displaying as "30000ms" in _msearch queries. Refer image attached.

Are we missing anything? How can we change the default timeout value in _msearch query?

Hari MG


Can you share your kibana.yml file? The config change sounds correct although its unclear to me what kibanacfg is.

Hi mattkime,

Thanks for your reply. Please find the content of our kibana.yml file,

elasticsearch.hosts: http://localhost:18089
elasticsearch.password: test123
elasticsearch.username: hello
logging.quiet: true
pid.file: <Install_dir>/
server.port: 18094

Hari MG


I noticed you used an = sign where there should be : - a space might help too.

try this - elasticsearch.requestTimeout: 60000

Hi @mattkime...

Thanks for your input, I will try this out.

Hari MG

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