How to change @timestamp field from UTC to local times

Hi, @magnusbaeck.
I having problems with output beats, because output beats doesn't match with my local times.

Example output from metricbeat


And my local times.

2017-07-17, 10.52

Can I use logstash to transform output beats ?


What timezone are you in/is your system set to?

Please don't ping people like that. While I am sure Magnus is happy to help, he volunteers his time and is not here to be summoned.

Sorry, I don't know and thanks for fast reply @warkolm.

i live in asia/bangkok UTC +07:00


In that case the timestamps you are seeing are correct.

That's UTC+7 as it suggests.

Can I convert @timestamp match with timestamp ?


No as the Elastic Stack (beats, logstash, elasticsearch) all use UTC.

Kibana then translates that to the browser timezone when you look at the data.

I know beats, logstash, elasticsearch all use UTC, but what i want to know is @timestamp field can change to show my local times ?


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Convert from local time to UTC at ingest time. I wrote a blog about doing this with an ingest pipeline here: