How to check if host.ip in particular CIDR


I want to add an ingest pipeline script that will add particular fields if host.ip falls into the CIDR notation range.

I was trying some stuff but still, that does not work
The script does not return errors but fields are not added.

CIDR block = new CIDR(""); # or def block = new CIDR("")
for (int i = 0; i <; ++i) {
    if (block.contains(ctx["host.ip"])) {
        ctx[""] = "Value1";
        ctx["host.bo_name"] = "Value2";

If you can spot the error and guide me It would be very helpful.

Stack is on 7.16-2

This started to work. I was not able to manage to add a field via ctx._source... I used a set before that processor instead.

CIDR block = new CIDR("");
for (int i = 0; i < ctx?.host?.ip.length; ++i) {
    if (block.contains([i])) {
        ctx?.host.bo_name = "Value";

Now I just wonder what would be the performance impact of using runtime field instead of ingest pipeline script processor.

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