How to check the status of application pools

Hi Team,

Can you please guide how to check the status of IIS application pools whether it is "started" or "stopped" in Kibana using metricbeat?

@stephenb Could you please suggest?

Hi @Anagha_nambiar

Did you look at

Yes @stephenb

But it is only showing the metrics of application pool but not getting the status whether a application pool is in "start" state or "stop" state.

How to get the status from that?

If the field is not present then you may need to infer it..

Have you run this module and actually looked at the fields when the pools are stopped vs started and looked at what fields are available / present? you may need to apply some logic.

Perhaps when it stopped there's no PID or it doesn't show up at all.

I don't have a windows server why don't you try it and report back

Okay, let me try and confirm you back

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I have checked it now @stephenb .

So the fields available on IIS modules for application pools are application pool name, thread count, handle count, IO read/write operations, working set, CPU usage, private/virtual bytes.

Could you please suggest any other way using beats where we can get the status of application pools?

Apologies, I Really do not have a suggestion at this point..

Did you try to "stop" some pools and see if they still report with thread count 0 or something or do they stop reporting all metrics?

If some form or deriving the status from the available metrics does not work, then I do not have a simple way to suggestion collecting that data you are looking for.

If you have a tool that periodically can poll the state and write it somewhere then filebeat could read it.

Or if that status can be access via an http endpoint you could use

No worries.

I will check the solution provided.


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