How to check Working of the Shield?

i tried to get the information from this link but i did not get anything from that.please suggest me usefull things

You haven't really explained what you need.

Hi warkolm, i was actually installed license,shield and i did all the process like control access basic authentication,enable message authentication,enable auditing .
i just want to see the how the shield protects my indices in ES !
How to check that?

It protects them by restricting access.

So you are saying that , it will blocks the user who don't have access right ?


oh k , i just want see how it is restricting unknown(access less ) users ? how to check that?

It will block them.

so , anyone pointing my ES with my IP from another end they should have the access ,otherwise it will block them ? am i right mark?


Hi mark, It can able to access from another host ! it is not restricting unknown user ,as well as it is not
asking any user authentication password .

Maybe if you post more details and move this to the Shield category, then perhaps someone can help.