How to click on bars in a bar chart and go to another dashboard

Hi all!
I'm so new to Kibana I don't even know the terms. I am so sorry about that. My boss wants me to make some kibana dashboards. I have one dashboard that has test pass results as a bar chart. Each bar's y value is the number of tests executed. Each bar's x value is the time the test pass was started. The color of the bar will turn from green to red if any tests failed in that test pass. And I was able to get all of that working. But now, I want to click on one of the bars and be taken to a new dashboard that displays details about that particular test pass (for instance, what tests actually failed). But I don't know how to make it so when I click on that chart it goes someplace else. Help!!!!

Hi @Goishin, what you need are Drilldowns, which is a feature currently in development. There isn't a way to achieve what you want in Kibana today. You can follow the development of this feature on this Github ticket.

Hey Bargs, thanks for the reply. Sorry it took so long to get back to you (been super sick). What about putting a link in some sort of mouse over tooltip? Is that possible? I believe you can modify certain data fields to act like a hyperlink, what if I put my datafield in a tooltip and then people can click on the link in the tooltip. Would that work?

It's true that you can turn fields into hyperlinks using field formatters. We don't have a way to customize tooltips in charts though. But one thing you could do is create a dashboard with your bar chart next to a saved search or a table visualization that displays a field that you have configured to be a hyperlink. When you click on a bar in the chart, it will create a filter on the dashboard, which will filter down the results of the saved search/table vis. It would then only display the relevant hyperlink for the bar that you clicked.

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