How to cofigure roles.yml and role-mapping.yml in pki

Hi I am new to elasticsearch . I have configured pki  for authentication and have set roles.yml and role_mapping. But i am getting " failed to parse indices privileges for role [user]. missing required [privileges] field. skipping role.."


    cluster: [ 'monitor' ]
        - names: ['bank']
        privileges: ['read','write']

role-mapping.yml looks like

   - "cn=something, ou=Consulting Team, dc=mydomain, dc=com"

this is how elasticsearch.yml looks like

xpack.license.self_generated.type: trial true true certificate certs/elastic-certificates.p12 certs/elastic-certificates.p12 true certs/elastic-certificates.p12 certs/elastic-certificates.p12 optional pki

What is the problem here? can you please help

Hi @sudak
Would you mind fixing up the formatting of your post?

It seems that you've included some of your description in the code blocks (surrounded by "```") so it's hard to follow what you're describing.

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