How to collect log of NVR Hikvision (all camera's log) to Elastic?

Hello everyone, I want to collect all logs (all type logs) of the cameras to my SIEM system. I have a NVR and it have function "Logs Server Configuration" but it always failed. ( UDP port use to collect logs on the linux machine (log server) is opened. NVR and the linux machine can ping each other.) Is there any way to collect those log not using "Logs Server Configuration"?
Thank for reading.

You might be able to run Filebeat on it, what CPU does it have?

It is a Network Video Recorder, I have ssh into it and it using a diffenrent OS and just support some command (DVR/NVR system command). So I want to pull log to the linux machine, then I will use an Elastic Agent on linux machine to push those logs to my SIEM.

Unless it can use something like rsyslog, you might not have much luck.

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oh/ ok thankyou really much

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