How to combine RUM Javascript Agent transaction with Agent transaction

Hi, I'm newborn in Elastic and Kibana.

I must say that setup instruction for Elastic, Kibana and APM Server very simple and things are working from first try, amazing work guys!!!!!!
We are testing a different APM solutions and I'm testing Kibana APM.
My setup is: Elastic 6.5, Kibana 6.5, APM RUM javascript api v3.0

I'm using APM Agent for ASP.Net Core I know, the release will be soon, but I't running and i can start playing with APM, which is great :slight_smile:

I would like to know if i can see in APM the full flow Client -> Server transaction
At this point I managed to collect Client side Transaction w/o Spans
I managed to collect Server (.net core Agent) Transactions w/o Spans, but can i combine the full flow in same transaction?

Thanks , Ilia

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Hi Ilia,

Thanks for using Elastic APM and glad to hear that you've had a good experience so far.

Regarding your question, we generally have support for distributed tracing (connecting transactions from multiple agents), however our .Net agent is currently in development and does not support distributed tracing yet. You can follow this issue to get updates about this feature.

If you want to use distributed tracing to connect RUM agent transactions with backend agents that already have support for it, please see our distributed tracing guide.


Thank U Hamidreza.
I will follow up github issue.

Hamidreza, maybe you can point my attention to "best practice" how to monitor memory, cpu, network "Health" parameters for each web server and rank them to calculate score?

10X, Ilia

Hi Ilia,

A good place to start is our overview of metrics, there you can also find a list of all the agents that currently support metrics and more details about each one of them.

Hope this helps.


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