APM Agent: how to configure agent to upload request info separately?

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I noticed that sometimes span.name started with 2x or 3x in the payload of request sent by apm agent, does this mean agent combines same requests together? In that case, how to let agent send request info separately?


Hi @Zhengyu_Jiang,

Apologies for the delay. Unfortunately, there is no way to configure this in the RUM agent. We try to group small continuously similar spans to reduce the noise it creates on the page. Check the implementation here - https://github.com/elastic/apm-agent-rum-js/blob/d5ec7a6733c94aae3bdfcb69147bb830102213e5/packages/rum-core/src/performance-monitoring/performance-monitoring.js#L63



Thank you so much for your answer, in that case, I noticed that the duration of this small continuously similar span group would be equal to the duration of the latest span, should it be the sum of duration of all spans?


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