How to Compare Data from 2 indices in same visualization?

I am new to elastic stack, so please excuse the incorrect terminologies if any.

I am indexing some data from a csv file to elasticsearch using one index "build1", which contains some performance data for my software like max fps etc for a particular build of my software. I am able to successfully plot this data on a visualization using a 'line' visualization in Kibana.
Now for a newer build of my software, I have another set of data which I am indexing under another index "build2". I want to plot this data over the same visualization and see the difference in performance graphically.

Also, this will be repeated 5-6 times for one release cycle of my software. So I'm looking to plot this data 5-6 times over the same visualization.
Is this possible in Kibana? Should I be using another kind of visualization?
Please let me know if you think there can be a better way to do this in Kibana.

Elasticsearch and Kibana Version - 6.8

This should be possible
I guess boths indexes build1 and build2 have the same fields
Yu can create an index pattern build* that point to all index and visualize from that index pattern

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Thanks @ylasri I will try that.

Just Posting the solution I found.
I didn't need to make a separate index for build2. I just added another field in the dataset "build-info" as keyword. It was then easy to "split series" according to another build. This method works for multiple build values too.

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