How to compare the cost of Search Request


I want to optimize index settings, for example, customized _routing parameter, to see if it can improve search performance. The problem is Elasticsearch always cache the query result, so when I run the search for the second time, it's much faster than the first time. I can't baseline the search performance. I tried clear cache but it didn't help.

If the execution time of the search can't tell me whether optimization works, are there any other statistics that I can check? In relational database I can check the EXECUTION PLAN to find the cost of each step. Can I do similar thing in Elasticsearch to find the cost of each Search request?

For my example customized _routing parameter, I can see the number of shards hit has reduced. But this is not enough to prove the performance has improved.

Does help?

I'm not sure. Does this Profile API take cache into account?

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