How to conduct field connection operation

Create fields Scripted

doc['@timestamp'].getYear() return 2016
doc['@timestamp'].getMonth() return 02
doc['@timestamp'].getDayOfMonth() return 16
I would like to return 201616 or 20160216 or 201602 etc.
I use doc['@timestamp'].getMonth() doc['@timestamp'].getYear() are reported to the wrong
doc['@timestamp'].getYear().toString() + doc['@timestamp'].getMonth().toString() the same
doc['@timestamp'].getYear() - doc['@timestamp'].getMonth() the return 2014(2016-02) I want return 201602

How to carry out the digital extraction connection operation?


Lucene expressions, which is the default Kibana query language, does not support string operations. In the future this will be possible with Painless scripting.