How to configure 2 clusters in 5.6.2

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I'm upgrading an application to use 5.6.2 rather than 2.4.1 and I'm trying to change our design a bit that moved from PoC to production a few years ago & never changed.

So essentially in the existing system we a have a one node cluster. The index is built in the target folder of a java app using NodeClient. We then stop ElasticSearch on the test/UAT/live server and copy the index over to refresh the data. This has some advantages - atomic and separate until it has passed verification, and some disadvantages - manual, requires taking the service down.

My plan is to rewrite the java app using the ElasticSearch Java Rest Client and create the new index on a separate cluster (this may evolve to being an alias instead I think but baby steps...). In this way I'm hoping that I will be able to slowly evolve the application to a more automated deployment (they will always want to view the new index before deployment I think so I don't think we'll ever evolve to a live update situation).

I would be interested if anyone has any reassurance or negative comments about this as a strategy but my main question is, sadly, a lot more basic. In the old version the cluster was stored in its own folder in the data directory, so something like

E:\ES_HOME\data\appdatadev on dev,
E:\ES_HOME\data\appdatauat on UAT,
E:\ES_HOME\data\appdata on live,

The first thing I had to do when upgrading to 5.6.2 was to remove this named cluster folder so that the nodes folder is in data ->

(as apposed to E:\ES_HOME\data\appdatadev\nodes for example).

I'm now struggling to find a reference to how I have to separate clusters running on the same instance ? I'm sure I read a reference to this a couple of days ago when I set it up but I can't find it now.

Can anyone point me in the right direction ?



As far as I know, nodes join clusters based on the cluster name. So, as long as you name the cluster differently in the elasticsearch config file, you should be fine :slight_smile:

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I’m often running elasticsearch using different dir.


Something like that

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Thanks both. I've not done too much with this yet as I've realised I need to move from the TransportClient to the High & Low level Rest Clients. I think the param answer is more suited as once I work out how to send the param (currently getting unknown setting which is a bit irritating!) I think this is the more easily configurable.

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currently getting unknown setting which is a bit irritating!

Which setting?

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Sorry I thought I'd copy & pasted it

unknown setting []

(although I am passing it in as [])

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Can you describe exactly what you are doing and with which version because I just tried locally the command I pasted earlier and it is working well?

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Apologies I've wandered into a bit of a mess as I thought I was tidying up some java code and have slowly moved to the idea of a complete rewrite as I thought I've move from 2.4 to 5.6 while I was there. You've give me a massive amount of help on a different thread and I as a result I think I was getting a bit twisted up between old and new approaches (current working code xml config, initial attempt code config with TransportClient, now low & high level rest client).

FYI I was doing this in various forms (with a file object, relative & absolute path I think)

	Settings indexSettings = Settings.builder() 
	        .put("index.number_of_shards", 1)
	        .put("index.number_of_replicas", 0)
	        .put("", "folderPath")
	      //  .put("", "DevCuster")

To be honest I was taking this path when I thought I was making minor mods to the elasticSearch part of the code (just moving it from xml config to code config) but now I know it is such a major re-working I think I will take a step back and try and choose the best way forward for building a replacement 'index-set'/cluster first (aliases, new indexes or all indexes under a new cluster), before pushing forward. Probably out of the scope of this question!

Thanks for your help.

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