How to configure a pattern_capture on a specific token type?


I have setup a custom analyzer with uax_url_email as tokenizer. I have
added a pattern_capture filter to index the emails.
Now I would like that the urls be searchable and I would like to do the
same but executing the filter with a condition: either if the token starts
with http or on the specific type of the token URL.
I don;t know if it is possible and if say, please let me know how to
achieve it.

Thanks in advance!

    analysis: {
      filter: {
        email: {
           type: "pattern_capture",
           preserve_original: 1,
           patterns: [
        url: {
           type: "pattern_capture",
           token_type: "URL",
           preserve_original: 1,
           patterns: [
      analyzer: {
        default: {
          type: 'custom',
          char_filter: [
          tokenizer: 'uax_url_email',
          filter: [

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