How to configure Elastic .NET APM agent with .net WCF service

Hi Team,

I tried to implement a .net APM agent with WCF service but it's not working. In my case, my web application was deployed on the XXXX server & the service deployed on the YYYY server. I have configured the .net agent configuration in my web application only. And for web applications, it's working fine. but not able to get database-related information which is a part of our WCF service code. so just wanted to know that do we need to configure the .net agent configuration on the service side also? If yes then how to implement that on the service side because we don't have any global & startup files in our service.
I am using the below code in my global file in web application:

var agentComponents = ElasticApmModule.CreateAgentComponents(); Agent.Setup(agentComponents); Agent.Subscribe(new SqlClientDiagnosticSubscriber()); Agent.AddFilter((Elastic.Apm.Api.ITransaction t) => { t.SetLabel("foo", "bar"); return t; });

What we need to use in our WCF server. Please do reply ASASP.

This is the same as - let's try to figure this out in the original help.

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