How to configure filebeat to read data from several paths using a path varible in it's configuration?

I need to configure filebeat to read log files from several locations and send them to logstash on user request. How can I do that?

What do you mean by user request. Do you want to send logs to logstash in specific time ?

It is no problem to send filebeat log data in specific interval, but I am not sure that is possible to send logs on user's request. I believe it is possible, but have to deal with making scripts for that purpose.

It is possible to configure reading multiple paths on following way, for example (in file filebeat.yml):


- input_type: log
    - /var/log/httpd/access_log.log

- input_type: log
    - /var/log/httpd/error_log.log

Yml syntax requires strong text positioning in this file so as it is, without additional spaces

Is there a way to send the path as a parameter to the the filebeat.yml configuration file?

You can only configure parameters inside this file, using yml syntax.

I am so sorry, but cannot understand how to "send the path as a parameter to the the filebeat.yml". Please explain what you want.

An official filebeat docummentation says there is no such option

See beats config file format docs:

You can pass/overwrite settings using environment variables or via -E flag.

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