Is there a way to send the path as a parameter to the the filebeat.yml configuration file?

I have configured filebeat to read different log files from several paths and I need to configure filebeat in a way that I can send path as a parameter to the configuration file. Is it possible?


Could you explain a little what's your use case? What info will you get from the path, how are your files organized? It seems to be a common request.

You can solve this with a grok processor, both from ingest node or logstash

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I'm using filebeat to read log files from 6 different locations. And I configured those file paths in the filebeat.yml. And what I need to accomplish is that when I request filebeat to read a specific log among those 6 logs it has to read that log only. So how can I make such request to filebeat?
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That is not what filebeat was designed for but I think you could "emulate" such a behaviour with the reloading feature.

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