How to configure HttpNode on elasticsearch

I want to create one httpnode on elasticsearch. How can i configure that in elasticsearch.yml Please anyone can help me on this.

If you are refering to setting the ip of your node, you can set it in the key:

Also, you can set the custom port in the key:

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in my configuration i have mentioned this both,

Use only

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and please find my configuration below and correct if any wrong in that, "txnlogging-E1"
node.master: false true
node.ingest: false false true
transport.tcp.port: 9311 ["",""]
discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: 1

what about node setting whether i have to set anything on node like master or data or ingest

What exactly are you trying to do? What problems are you having? What errors are you seeing?

You seem to be setting a lot of things without my clarity around what you are trying to solve.

i have 3 linux server, each contain 1 master and 10 data node all are in cluster and status of cluster is green.

I need to run one http node in each server how can i configure that .

Why not run all nodes as http? If you are using Monitoring (which you should be, it's free), then it uses the APIs.

How large are the servers given you are running so many data nodes?

If you have 3 master nodes in the cluster, this should be set to 2.

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Ya that modification has done .

Seriously i'm not aware of httpnode setting. i can do master and data node but i dont know how configure httpnode.

All the master and data node created by docker container

Given http is enabled by default, it's still not clear what problem you are having.

First of all i want to know

what is http node.

Http Node is not a term that we use - it's a term that you brought into the conversation, so perhaps it's going to be easiest if you explain what problem you're trying to solve and why you think "http node" is the solution to that

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