How to configure Java RestClient to talk to ElasticCluster?

I am running ES v6.3.2. I have 2 master nodes and 2 data nodes in my cluster (lets call them M1 & M2 and D1 & D2). Lets say they are running on following IPs

    M1 :
    M2 :
    D1 :
    D2 :

I am communicating with the elastic search using the Low Level Java Rest Client.

On my local machine, I had only 1 instance running and I was communicating over (localhot:9200).

HttpHost httpHost1 = new HttpHost("localhot", 9200, "http");

My question is shall I build 4 HttpHost instances to talk to ES Cluster, or should I put all 4 ES instances behind the load balancer and build 1 HttpHost instance to talk to it?


the docs suggest to initialize the client with all nodes. Note that there is also a separate Sniffer that can auto-detect cluster nodes.


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