How to configure prometheus ssl host with metricbeat?

This is my first time on elasticsearch.

I have to get metrics from prometheus hosts with ssl.

I'll describe my develop environment in advance.

I'm using metricbeat 8.8.2 on A Server.

But I want to scrap Prometheus federate metrics on B Server.

Unfortunately, I have to get my prometheus federate metrics from not localhost ,but remote server.

Prometheus service provided below url :

But when I tested that URL using curl, I didn't work.

ex) ""

Above URL did working with JWT Token using POSTMAN APP.

How to configure metricbeat configure file for prometheus ssl host?


- module:prometheus
  enabled: true 
  hosts: "" 
  metric_path : "/federate" 
  ssl.certificate_authorities: ["/aaa/my-aaa.pem"]
  username: "my-username"
  password: "mypassword"

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