How to connect Liferay client (using Transport Protocol) to Elastic Cluster through Nginx


I have Elasticsearch clusters behind NGiNX.
Everything has worked great until I try to connect my Elasticsearch clusters with Liferay Client.

Liferay client is using Elasticsearch Native Binary Protocol to connect my cluster and NGiNX seems not to understand this. I have no problems with any java-based transport client going through NGiNX Stream.

If anyone could have a clue what option should be used with proxy to allow Elasticsearch Native Binary Protocol go through please help.

Using Elasticsearch 6.8.6
Nginx 1.15.9
Red Hat 7.7

stream {
include /etc/nginx/conf.d/elasticsearch_tcp.conf;

server {
proxy_buffer_size 16k;

So the Liferay client can connect to cluster without problems if NGiNX is removed. But not through this configuration. But all the other transport clients work without problems.

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