How to connect the remote MYSQL database

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I have a Ubuntu server and MySQL Cloud server.i have packetbeat installed in Ubuntu server, and i need to monitor MySQL Cloud server (3306-port).
In kibana i cant see any data.
1- Where should i use the (MySQL-host / ip) in the packetbeat.yml file which is installed in the Ubuntu server?
2- how to monitor MySQL remotely?

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any idea?

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packetbeat operates on unencrypted network packets. For this you will either have to install packetbeat on the machine MYSQL is running, or use port-forwarding or network taps, to forward the network packets to packetbeat. If encryption is used, packetbeat will not be able to analyze the traffic though.

For getting metrics/stats from mysql, one can use metricbeat. Metricbeat can actively connect to a remote mysql instance and query mysql for common metrics.

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