Packetbeat mysql only works if metricbeat mysql enabled?

My goal is to go to Kibana > Dashboard > [Packetbeat] MySQL performance ECS and see some visualizations of my mysql performance.

I find that [Packetbeat] MySQL performance only shows a bunch of No results found widgets. No data appears for any time frame no matter how many queries I perform in MySQL.

To get [Packetbeat] MySQL performance to show data, I have to install Metricbeat and upload the file /etc/metricbeat/modules.d/mysql.yml with the following contents:

- module: mysql
  period: 10s
  hosts: ["root:root@tcp("]

Once I do a systemctl start metricbeat, then suddenly [Packetbeat] MySQL performance shows data.

Is this expected behaviour? Is Metricbeat a prerequisite/requirement to using [Packetbeat] MySQL performance ECS?


Packetbeat and Metricbeat are separate Beats modules that collect different types of data.

Make sure that Packetbeat is set up to listen on the correct network interface and port where MySQL traffic is occurring.

Or you might need to adjust the dashboard configuration to match the data that Packetbeat is capturing.


Thanks! Do you know why [Packetbeat] MySQL performance dashboard is empty, and only shows result if I run the command systemctl start metricbeat? Why would metricbeat affect packetbeat?