Mysql Module not retrieving data

I have the exact same problem described in this topic (No data MySQL dashboard - version mismatch?). I'm using metricbeat 7.4.2 (amd64) with CentOS 7 and Percona Server 5.7.22
The topic ends with no resolution. So i'm wondering if there's something special about this config or i hit a bug. Logs doesn't show any errors regarding mysql.

Hey @JValenzani,

What is exactly the problem in your case? You don't see anything in the MySQL dashboard?

What configuration are you using? Do you see any error in Metricbeat logs?

Same problem as described in the linked post. No data in the MySQL Dashboard, no errors in log.
Module seems to be loading:
2019-12-16T11:10:15.928-0300 DEBUG [module] module/wrapper.go:182 Starting metricSetWrapper[module=mysql, name=status, host=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock]

Could you share your configuration? (remember to hide credentials)

Could you check from Kibana if there is any document from the mysql module? For that look for events in metricbeat-* indexes, for example from the developer console:

GET metricbeat-*/_search?q=event.module:mysql

I've passed the yml file through a linter and found a typo. Seems to be working now. Anyway, the log file /var/log/metricbeat/ is empty, even with logging.level: debug and logging.selectors: ["*"] enabled.

If you are running metricbeat in a system with systemd logs will be written to stdout and captured by journald, take a look to

Great. Thanks.

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