Introducing mysqlbeat

(Adi) #1

Hi Guys,
I looked for something to expand the MySQL packetbeat dashboard with no luck so I decided to do it myself :grin: I wrote a new beat that can connect to a MySQL server and ship any result from the queries defined in the config file to elastic/logstash.

I've also created a default configuration that reports key metrics from MySQL to elastic and built a dashboard (I avoided graphs that are already covered by packetbeat) - you are all free to use it, the code is on github.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

(ruflin) #2

Hi @adi.b

Great to see one more beat. Please open a PR to also add it to the community beats here: I'm sure quite a few people will be interested in this.

We are currently working on metricbeat. Part of your MySQL queries is also available there (GLOBAL STATUS):

Your implementation is obviously more generic and allows "all" queries to be fetched. One query I spotted in your config is for the SLAVE STATUS, this could be a very interesting metricset to be added to metricbeat.

I'm also happy to see that you seem to have used beat-generator. Let me know if you hit any issues with it.

(Adi) #3

Hi @ruflin
I already did a pull request about a week ago with no replay, That's a first for me so maybe I did something wrong?

Should I try again?

(ruflin) #4

Can you post the link to the PR? I think I totally missed that one.

(Adi) #5

(ruflin) #6

No wonder I didn't see it. You opened the PR agains your own Repository. You must create a PR agains our beats repo. If you or on click on "Create Pull Reqest" and then select your repository and branch to open the PR.

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