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Hi experts
I'm now have to control 4 type of db: Redis, MySQL, Memcached and Elasticsearch. (Live/die, Methods, respontime, queries, ... )
I start with MySQL and there are 3 dashboard sample from filebeat, metricbeat and packet beat. Af ter try 3 of them i decied to use packetbeat for analysis MySQL.
So my question is what kinh of beat i should use for the 3 other kind of database. As redis im not found the packetbeat dashboard but still can create with the data collected and the sample dashboard of metricbeat seem like not working well.
Seem like silly topic but i really need your help :smiley:

Packetbeat can do redis and memcache but not Elasticsearch.

There may not be dashboards for them at the moment though.

packetbeat will not be able to work if encryption is in place. In this case you will need a mix of filebeat and metricbeat.

The dashboards are beat-specific, as the different beats do have very different views of the processes to collect data from. Even having all 3 beats in place is no bad idea. Use filebeat for logs (e.g. errors/info) + metricbeat for process metrics (internal ones + CPU/memory usage). And packetbeat for additional monitoring (you can even run packetbeat on a dedicated machine using port forwarding or network taps).

Elasticsearch uses HTTP. packetbeat supports HTTP. Plus most recent packetbeat has a json parsing processor build in. But for monitoring Elasticsearch via packetbeat one wants to do some more post processing of the events in Logstash or Elasticsearch Ingest Node itself. When monitoring Elasticsearch with packetbeat, one must be cautious not to build an 'amplifier', with packetbeat reporting ever growing events to Elasticsearch, because packetbeat is monitoring it's own output.

Thank @steffens and @warkolm for supporting.
I already installed 4 beat so i'll mix the dashboard for monitor and try to follow ur advise. :slight_smile:

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