Monitoring Redis Server with Metricbeat

I am using Redis 2.8 and MySQL 5.5.42 in production .So can I use metric beat to monitoring Redis cluster & MySql server.If not the can you suggest any alternative beat . I am having the latest version of Elastic Stack along with Kibbana 5.

The redis module in Metricbeat is tested with 3.2 and expected to work for redis versions >= 3. Source:

The mysql module in Metricbeat is tested with mysql 5.7.12 and are expected to work with all versions >= 5.7.0. Source:

You could try Metricbeat and see if it's able to connect and parse the data from your versions of those services. In addition to Metricbeat you could deploy Packetbeat which can passively monitor the requests to redis and mysql.

In addition to the getting started guides in the documentation we have some short videos to give a quick overview of Packetbeat and Metricbeat.

Video: Getting Started with Packetbeat
Video: Getting Started with Metricbeat

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