Metricbeat [6.3] - missing metricbeat.modules fields

Hi ,

I am using elasticsearch & kibana & logstash version 6.3.2 .

I am using metricbeat 6.3 version and want to use to following modules :

  1. module: mysql
    I am trying to connect to secure mysql with cert and I can't want work with that because in the metricbeat-reference-yml.html it's missing .
    2.module: redis
    I am trying to connect to secure redis that work with ssl in port 6380 and I get this error : "redis/redis.go:45 Error retrieving INFO stats: read tcp x.x.x.x:47324->x.x.x.x:6380: read: connection reset by peer" also in the metricbeat-reference-yml.html there is missing fields .
  2. module: zookeper -
    I want to connect to zookeper with username and password and it's missing in the metricbeat-reference-yml.html .


Hello @Rotem_Amergi Thanks for posting it here. Just a quick question first, did you follow to install metricbeat 6.3?

Hi !

I am using it in kubernetes - using this link -

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