How to connect to Coordinating nodes from High level rest client


I have a cluster with 9 nodes (3 master, 3 data and 3 client) ES version 6.4
I want my application to send all writes to data nodes and search to client nodes in a round robin fashion. We are using High level rest client. How do i achieve this.

Some documentation or suggestions are appreciated.


You will most likely need 2 client instances.

But why not sending all the traffic to the client nodes?

Thank you for responding.

Is it a good idea to send all read/write to client nodes? Will it not overburden client nodes?
all i want is to make my search fast.

Our current load is indexing rate 5000/s and search is 500/s

Client node is configured at Ram: 64gb with 32gb of heap with 20core CPU

If it becomes a pain you can always send the search requests to dedicated client nodes. In which case you'll need 2 Java Client instances, one for search, another for indexing.

Before over engineering anything, I'd make sure it's actually a problem today.


Going to try with one java client on 2 coordinating nodes for both read and writes.

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