How to control kibana _source show

Hi , Everyone

I have a question want to ask.

When i use logstash,elk, kibana show Jboss log message .On kibana the _source show message like this:

{ "@timestamp": "2015-10-30T06:23:09.282Z", "message": "2015-10-30 14:23:09,282 DEBUG [org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.method.annotation.RequestMappingHandlerMapping] (http-/ Did not find handler method for [/image/ocommon/logo.png]", "@version": "1", "host": "", "path": "/home/mfs/Jboss/", "type": "jboss_log", "tags": [ "jboss_60" ], "time_event": "2015-10-30 14:23:09,282", "loglevel": "DEBUG"

if i only want to let _source show "message", and remove other like @version, tags

how to configure it?

You can't, _source is an ES field and contains everything that was in the original message.