How to convert a field to uppercase in Kibana and do a lookup

I have a field that has both uppercase and lowercase, I want to transform all values to uppercase and also want to transform the code to a description. I know you can do either of this using format, can we do both on the same filed?

for e.g.

a field has 'abc' and 'ABC' want to convert 'abc' to ABC and then give a description

Hi there! Thanks for asking your question on the forum. Please see this post which will answer your question: How to convert one field in uppercase in kibana.

Could you explain what you mean by giving a description? What's the description based upon?

Thanks, Basically we are sending Code (some codes are uppercase and some are lowercase) to ES and wanted to show description in Kibana. I created a scripted field and used doc['field'].value.toUpperCase() and then used a lookup to show the description.

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