How to convert total log count from 5000 to 5k

Hi all

I am new to Kibana visualization here I need to convert the total log count from 5000 to 5k
and adding trades also here is the sample images that I want to achieve can any help me on this

In order to display the values like that you need to go to your Index Pattern, select the field that you are doing the metric on (if it's count, you can't do it on count), and change it's formatting to Number and add a at the end of the format. Default is 0,0.[000] so yours should be 0,0.[000]a

Hi Marius_Dragomir,
thanks for the reply i have little bit of query

  1. how to achieve trend mark as show in the above image is there any tool are any plugin which will help me.
  2. we can use any Vega code which will help me to get count 5000 to 5K or any other plug in will help full
  1. The trend mark isn't available like that. You can achieve something similar with a serial diff metric alongside that can be colored as red if negative and green if positive. Without the arrow though.
  2. You can do that with Vega as well, I think, but I don't know it off the top of my head, but the format way is easier.

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