How to copy/run an indices from another system

(jagdish) #1

Hi team,
Could you please suggest me how to copy/run the indices from another system?
As per my requirement i have taken the indices which is generated in another system which i need to copy & run the indices in my system.
I have created the 'template' ,which is working fine.since i have copied the indices directly(manually) into the indices (in Local system) .
The issue is that i created the template gel-*.All the indices i.e gel-2016.08.28,gel-2016.08.29 and gel-2016.08.30 directly copied into local ES.
when i check with GET/gel-2016.08.30/_search' i get the index missing exception.

Thanks in advance

(Mark Walkom) #2

You should use snapshot and restore instead of manually copying things -

(jagdish) #3

Thanks for the reply Mark.But i still have my issue pending

As i tried with snapshot and restore i think (which is for distributed
clustering) as my specification is to do with standalone cluster(in
localsystem).How should i proceed.


(system) #4